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Parent Assitant ModuleThe Parent Assistant Module (PAM) is the online tool for Parents/Legal Guardians to obtain 24/7 access  to their student's information except during NC WISE Maintenance weekends. A web browser allows parents to view: (Parent Passwords will be delivered soon by your school.)

To access the Parent Assistant Module, users must obtain a Parent Assistant User ID and password issued by your child/children’s school.  There are two types of users.  Please refer to the following paragraph for descriptions of each user.

Custodial Parents
Parent Assistant gives custodial parents the ability to request changes online for certain Demographic and Emergency Contact information for their child/children.  If you are a custodial parent and live at the same address as your child/children, you will only need one User ID and password to access the data on your child/children.

Non-Custodial Parents
If you are not the custodial parent or you do not live at the same address as your child/children, you will need to contact each school where each of your children attends and request a User ID and password in order to receive access.  You will have multiple User IDs and passwords (One for each individual child).  Non-Custodial parents do not have access to demographic or emergency information on their children.

Resources for Parents